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Day 10: A great sequel.

Hate all you want, but I love the first two Saw movies. Of course after that it all goes to total shit, but the story and horrifying torture devices of the first two are brilliant.  That theme song is so epic and the end moments when all of the twists are revealed and other twists that you didn’t even realize were coming.  Those jaw dropping seconds when the revelations happen and you’re shocked and have to watch all over again. Amazing.

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Day 06 – Best trilogy

this is tough, because I haven’t really seen too many trilogies (all 3 movies anyways). 
I guess I’m gonna say the Saw series (#2 being my favourite).  Because we are talking about trilogies it is appropriate, since after the first 3 they just went to hell.

and if we’re talking about video games, one of the most terrifying video games ever.

oh Lord…

they are making another Saw movie…

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